At a Glance

The Rangpur Cantonment Board was announced on 7/1/5 after the establishment of the Rangpur Cantonment under the provisions of The Cantonment Act-12 (Act No. Roor of 122). The Cantonment Board, as a statutory body, performs the functions necessary to provide municipal facilities in the cantonment area. After the announcement of the Rangpur Cantonment Board, the cantonments carry out all the functions as per the Cantonment Act including public safety, health, public education, education and public development. The Rangpur Cantonment area was announced along with the Chaptered Area on 6/2/3/D-6/7 at the Ministry of Defense on 12/2/3 AD, which was published in Bangladesh Gazette on 12/12/3. On the other hand, the Rangpur Cantonment resulted in the declaration of Rangpur Municipality as a closed area by letter No. 1-5 / 12 / SOOO / 1-C / 12 dated 7/12/2012 of the Local Government Department of the Ministry of Rural Development and Cooperatives. Complexity remains with the chaptered area. On 6/1/5, the Bir Uttam Shaheed Mahbub Cantonment, Kholahati, Parbatipur, Dinajpur was established but the Cantonment Board has not been established there till now. The Cantonment Board, Rangpur Cantonment has been constituted in accordance with the notification of SAO No.127 / 5 / ICS3 / 1 / D-6 / No, dated 8/1/5 AD by the Ministry of Defense. The Rangpur Cantonment Board is being operated in accordance with sub-sections (1) and (3) of section 4 of the Cantonment Act.